“Life’s wisdom invisibly sewn into the web.”       •       “Batson’s sci-fi reminds me of H.G. Wells.”       •       “Batson’s works are thought-provoking and exhilarating.”       •       “Life’s wisdom invisibly sewn into the web.”       •       “Batson’s sci-fi reminds me of H.G. Wells.”       •       “Batson’s works are thought-provoking and exhilarating.”       •

Jon Batson, Author

Welcome to the captivating world of Jon Batson, where stories come alive and imagination knows no bounds. Dive into the realms crafted by a master storyteller and author, where every page holds adventure, mystery, and wonder.

Jon Batson is a storyteller

Sometimes his stories are told with lyrics.  Sometimes his stories are told with prose.  But at all times his stories are told from a place of truth and enlightenment.
An award winning songwriter and author, Jon’s gritty, often irreverent style strikes a chord of contemplation.  Jon demands your attention with subtle innuendo and carefully scattered satire.  As a singer, songwriter and published author, Jon’s signature is intentionally provocative – and refreshingly entertaining.

Adventures of a Space Bum

When Starwort Bacchus finds herself running from her landlord, skipping out on the rent, she jumps aboard an automatic repair vessel and hitches a ride to the next port. But the search for her father’s legacy, the inheritance her uncle nearly decimated, takes her to planets where friends and enemies are hard to identify, and her best ally is a computer. With a pocket full of “Universals” and a ceramic blade strapped to her thigh, she travels the darkness looking for a home. Instead she finds a growing list of places she cannot go to again, including a place she has never been – Earth.


Adventures of a Space Bum: Book 1: Starlost Child

Adventures of a Space Bum: Book 2: In Search of a Legacy

Adventures of a Space Bum: Book 3: Finding Galium

Adventures of a Space Bum: Book 4: The Palace Guard

Adventures of a Space Bum
(4 book series)

Mars Quake

Fade to Black:
The Trasaron

Deadly Research
(The Jack Richmond
Conspiracy Series
Book 1)

Research Triangle
(The Jack Richmond
Conspiracy Series
Book 2)

Terminal Research
(The Jack Richmond
Conspiracy Series
Book 3)

The Rands Conspiracy

Nina Knows the Night

Blue Standoff

Tattood Angel
Jon Batson is also C.J. Abbot

in a Small Cafe


at Thompson Bog

of the Universe

The Songwriter’s
Hook Book

What Our Readers are Saying

Mars Quake

Mars Quake has wonderful character development, fast paced action, interesting twists and a great story line. I loved Tom Matthews unique ability and enjoyed seeing how it was woven into the storyline. Definitely a fun read!”

“Mars Quake is a breath of fresh air! I’ve come across a number of books lately that left me uninspired and uninterested, but the characters and the story really grabbed my attention and pulled me in.”

“… a journey across the universe of human perception and political secrets. Batson has created a story intriguing enough to propel the mind toward uncharted territory.”

– Grizzly Joe

Terminal Research

“Jon Batson successfully mixes the thriller genre with keen humor.”

“Jon Batson steers us across the razor thin line between sanity and insanity, between surreal Kafkaesque nightmare and hard concrete reality.”

“Reading Terminal Research, Jon Batson’s newest entry in his intellectual-thriller-conspiracy trilogy, brings to mind such luminaries in the field as Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, and Dan Brown with a smidgen of Elmore Leonard.”

“I took a peek and was hooked.’

“A conspiracy-thriller that will keep you thinking about what you have read long after you have finished it.”

Secrets of the Universe

“Batson’s words of wisdom in this book give the reader access to learn how to begin to live a better life.”

“Wonderful! A must read for everyone. Insightful with sage advice delivered with such wit and humor one forgets it is non-fiction”

“Secrets of the Universe gives sweet cool lemon-aide to people who have allowed their life’s story to turn them into sour pusses.”

Tattooed Angel

“The first three chapters are fast-paced with suspense and energy! I want to know what happens!

“This is my kind of read.”

Research Triangle: Guns, Drugs, Children
A Jack Richmond Conspiracy Thriller

“This conspiracy story is the tip of the iceberg.”

Batson’s lovable characters are sucked inside the conspiracy in front of our eyes! He makes us care about these characters and think about the implications for our own real world, our own lives. Would you resist? Can you escape? Can you be bought?

Deadly Research

“Deadly Research took me for a good read. I’ve had a definite feeling some subversive force has been screwing us around lately.”

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Adventures of a Space Bum

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“Along comes Jon’s story putting it all together in a way that actually makes me stay up late with chills thinking about it. That is the very job of any great conspiracy thriller, and Jon, you have done it very well, Sir! Thank you. I just finished “Research Triangle” and am now racing through “Terminal Research!” I have a bad feeling the end of this story is the tip of the iceberg. I want a sequel.”

Michael Nelson

Sci-Fi Author

“If you like books with a big cast and a bigger selection of original settings, this is it. An exciting and insightful fun read.”

“Starlost Child is a rollicking good time, a yarn well spun. A great choice for both adult and young adult readers.”

Book 1 Starlost Child

“This character-driven speculative sci-fi story is conveyed with a realism via characters whose personalities shine through.”

“Batson’s ability to take concepts that not only could be, but are occurring in the present and reflect how they play out in a future time gave me food for thought. The author seems to enjoy throwing in a bit of conspiracy theory how the Central Government is involved with the deadly fast-spreading virus.”

Book 2 In Search of a Legacy

“Batson gives us characters I can actually care about and share in their wins and losses as the story unfolds.”

Book 3 Finding Galium

“Batson’s writing style flows with ease and the story is skillfully laid out allowing the reader to gradually bond with the characters.”

I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading. I’ve not been a fan of sci-fi books, but this novel changed me.”

Book 4 The Palace Guard

Meet Jon Batson

Born in Washington, D.C., Jon Batson was always curious about the meaning of life. He valued love, freedom, philosophy and education, and firmly believed “If you do not grow, you shrink”, and “If it ain’t fun – don’t go!” A creative soul and free spirit, Jon left behind his legacy through music, short stories, books and his popular four-part, “best” science fiction books – Adventures of a Space Bum.

TV & Hollywood Singer/Songwriter

Jon’s artistic career began with music. Influenced by Kris Kristofferson, Burl Ives, Leon Redbone and Bob Gibson, he began writing and performing songs ⎯ which he believed were a three-minute movie ⎯ in the 1960s in bars and coffee houses.

A talented entertainer, he performed independently and with bands across the United States, as well as all over the world, including Portugal and Spain. He was also invited to perform before the Vice Premier of China on national Chinese television and on the Great Wall of China. In his hometown of Washington, D.C., he sang before the Kennedy family, performed at the Arts Club of Washington and was televised nationwide from the National Cathedral.

In addition to a string of album and CD releases, Jon’s music has been heard on television, including in the hit series Murder She Wrote and The Tonight Show. The Jonathon Who Review and Young Jenny Scrooge are two of his five original Hollywood produced musicals performed on such stages as the John Anson Ford Theatre. To aspiring up-and-coming songwriters, he published, The Songwriter’s Hook Book, complete with tips and famous inspiring quotes. Three songs from Awaken the Dreamer CD climbed to the Top 20 on MP3’s Hit List in 2003.

Theta Sound Coffee House live

Awaken the Dreamer

Theta Sound Coffee House live

Awaken the Dreamer

Award-Winning Storyteller

Few musical talents can make the cross over from singer/songwriter to author. Yet in fact, Jon did this time-and-time again, and began writing short stories.

Making the shift from artist to author look seemingly effortless, in no time, he was winning multiple awards. He was a three-time winner of the Lower Cape Fear Short Story Contest and twice the Rusty Axe contest. He received Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Science Fiction Short Story Contest for “Selfers” and “Smoking Bedpan”. The latter turned into the four-part, science fiction book series, Adventures of a Space Bum.

You can find many of Jon’s award-winning short stories in his three anthologies – Encounter on a Small Cafe and Other Short Stories, Murder at Thompson Bog and Other Short Stories, and Doll Bodies and Other Strange Sci-Fi Tales.

In 2014, The News & Observer selected his story Rain On St. Mary’s Street as the winner of its Halloween Ghost Story Contest.

A Legacy Not To Be Forgotten

Jon Batson passed away January 16, 2017. Throughout his 72 years, he touched thousands of lives and his memory will live on through his music, short stories and books, continuing to touch more lives over many years to come.
“Stepping out into the light, I didn’t realize that it would be so bright.
My time has come surrounded by the sky.
Unfolding untried wings I leap off and I fly.
Here in the sky, one thing I’ve found.
You cannot fly with your feet on the ground .”

From “The Point of No Return” lyrics by Jon Batson – Awaken the Dreamer CD.


Jon Batson Joins the League of Extraordinary Fiction Writers

Each year since 1999, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) encourages creativity, education and the power of the imagination through the largest writing event in the world. Believing stories matter, the nonprofit organization empowers nearly 400,000 people to start a 50,000-word novel November 1st, based on an annual theme, and complete the novel by 11:59 p.m. November 30th.

Jon Batson regularly participated in National Novel Writing Month and was a consecutive winner for seven years from 2008 to 2015.

Jon Batson Wins Multiple Regional, National & International Awards

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